Drive Your Adventure – Exploring Europe 2016



Exploring Europe 2016 is the first edition of a van expedition campaign, called Drive Your Adventure. The first exceptional adventure is set to start at the end of April 2016.

Drive Your Adventure – Exploring Europe 2016 is a road trip lasting several months, to the limits of Europe, living and sharing an amazing human adventure, way off the beaten track. All the logistics expenses of the expedition will be funded by We-Van.


One and only crew of 3 adventurers will be picked from the entrants to live this exceptional adventure. Many thanks for for your numerous participations. We’re currently studying them with great interest. See you on March 17th 2016, for the announcement of the winners!


Télécharger (PDF, 2.19MB)



Until when is it possible to apply for the adventure ?
The ending date of the registrations is tuesday 23rd February 2016, and the final selection of the leaving team will be announced in the beginning of march.

How long will the expedition last ?
Depending on the availability of the team selected, the expedition will last between three and six months.

Are the expedition dates set ?
No, they will be determined by the expedition team and the organisers, but must be between April and October 2016.

Is the route imposed ?
No, the “general idea” is suggested by the organisers (itinerary and timing) but the team is free to decide upon its daily route. However, the vehicle may not leave the European economic area, and the organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to certain countries.

How will expenses be refunded (fuel, food, etc.) ?
Depending on the item, costs will be refunded in full upon presentation of receipts (fuel, etc.) or based on an allowance (food, etc.). Payments will be made monthly, with an advance instalment at the start of the adventure.

Will the selected team have communication obligations ?
Yes, these content obligations will be defined in a contract between the expedition team and the organisers, stipulating the periodicity, format and media to be used to share the adventure.

Will photo and video equipment be provided ?
No, the team must have its own equipment.


How many people can go ?
2 or 3 people (although the vehicle is designed for 4).

Do you have to be French to participate ?
No, but you must be a national of a European Union country.

Can children be part of the team ?
Yes, children will be welcome.

Do team members have to speak fluent English ?
No, but it would be a benefit when meeting our European neighbours.

What is the minimum age for participants ?
For vehicle insurance reasons, drivers must be at least 21 years old.

Do all team members have to have a driving licence ?
No, but at least two, because it’s a long trip !

Vehicle, licence & insurance

Is the vehicle equipped for cooking, eating and sleeping ?
Yes, the vehicle has two double beds, a kitchenette (water, hob, refrigerator) and all essential crockery and utensils!

Does it have toilets and a shower ?
There is an outdoor shower (cold) and no fixed toilet, but there is a disposable dry toilet.

What type of driving licence is required ?
Any valid category B driving licence issued by a European Union country.

How long must the driver have held a licence to be able to participate ?
More than 24 months.

Is specific insurance necessary ?
No, the vehicle is already covered by a multi-risk policy.

Is assistance provided in the event of a problem ?
The vehicle insurance contract also comprises an assistance policy. No matter where you are in the European Union, assistance will be provided at no cost.



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  2. Jarryd Dike says

    Hey guys!
    I have just found out about this and the excitement that ran through was immense!! Until I read that the registration date has already closed. This is massively upsetting as I have been trying to plan a trip like this for months therefore I would love the opportunity to sign up for this 🙂
    I hope to hear from you guys soon!! You would make me one very happy chap


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