The true journey is to go there. Reaching its destination, it is finish it. Many people begin with the end. No We – Van.

But that are we then looking between this start and finish?

Between the two, we are looking for adventure, small or large, of the quiet or the furious, the human or the sporty. The adventure of the child which by its first shots of pedals explores the approaches of the bivouac of the climber who contemplates it from the top of a wall, the freeride skier or the surfer, the paraglider or the windsurfer, the fisherman in the toc or the researcher of fungi. All adventures.

The van trip is the best of all these adventures. We – Van shares on a daily basis for many years with all those who want to live, eat, sleep closer to their passions, at the foot of the cliff, waves, people, fish or mushrooms. And change spot the next day. Or not. So each leads his adventure.

We – Van


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