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What’s with the jars?


So you’re getting ready for a van journey. It’s all about the logistics, just like setting sail. You would never set sail without taking supplies and likewise you would never hit the road without provisioning! Good, with that settled… what are we going to bring?

We’re not on a racing boat, we don’t need to shorten our toothbrushes just to lighten the load: we can afford to bring heavier stuff. And if we start running out of space, we can leave some things behind (like clothes, there are always too many clothes): because good grub is vital, or rather, a question of survival. Take, for example, a nice walk in the humid English countryside. You might find yourself unable to reach a local restaurant. Your only salvation is the food that you have brought with you. And even if we’re not talking about haute cuisine or gastronomy, we’re still talking about ‘good nosh’ all the same! And exhausted, what could be better than hearing a nice dish simmering away just as you settle down for the evening with a drink, while the sun sets behind the mountains (or disappears over the ocean, or under the horizon if that’s where you are).

But how do you achieve this stroke of mastery? How are you supposed to cook properly in just a few square metres which are also your sleeping quarters, dining room, bath room, living room and vehicle?

(The answer is in the title).


Thanks to culture, lifestyle and to the philosophy of the glass jar! This noble, traditional technique of preservation is perfectly suited to the itinerant nature of travelling by van: you can cook fresh seasonal produce in your home (getting your kitchen dirty, not the van), working your dishes into good quantities offers you the chance to maximise your economies of scale in terms of time spent in front of the oven, and your jars will preserve everything perfectly, there’s no need for refrigeration. Most of the available space will be left for fresh produce.

With a few jars containing various recipes on board, accompanied by a bit of rice, pasta, bulgur or quinoa and you’ll already be opening your own 3 star restaurant on wheels at the foot of the cliff (on the beach, or out in the fields).

Afterwards just wash your jar out, put it back and start again.


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